Why Scrum (simply) Works?

After delivering many products using Scrum, we start to figure out why scrum simply works.

The main reasons, in my opinion, are listed below and I hope it may help you to convince your boss to allow you to adopt scrum on your team or company!

I think you must try it. So, Let’s Start it:

Reason #1 – The Scrum meetings promote more communication in the team, so people knowledge and commitment evolves making the team better and better for each sprint.

Reason #2Delivering for you client after each Sprint, or in other words, in a 2-4 weeks period, makes you get the client’s feedback anticipatedly and it promotes a valuable answer: we are on the correct path or not in this project? This important detail makes you avoid spending money and time in incorrect ways.

Reason #3 – The Software is built starting with the most valuable items concerning business value. We delivery what really is important and since the first sprint, mitigating the product risk and complexity.

Tips: For more info about reasons 2 and 3, check these chapters on the E-Learning Material:
22. Ordering the Stories: How can we sort the Product Backlog items?
23. Estimating: How can we estimate the amount of work of user stories?

Reason #4 – The deadline is calculated with the scrum team, so all the team get commited and involed on that target.

Reason #5 – It is the own development team who auto-organize itself to achieve the Sprint goal, managing activities and time, making all the developers evolving technically and in management skills.

Reason #6Transparency between all the team members makes everybody keep agile and fast. This details makes each one understand how he/she help or not the team, and how they can improve or mitigate that action.

And you? Do you realized any new reason to add on the list? If yes, please, tell it to us. Your experience is very important for GetScrum Team!

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Why Scrum Works?
Why Scrum (simply) Works?

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    I’m a technical writer and I find that Scrum helps to integrate documentation closer to the product, and therefore improves the user experience. Because the team members are working more closely, it’s easier to identify quickly and implement information that should be in the UI of the product rather than in the documentation. And developers are less reluctant to add contextual help when they are developing a feature, compared to adding it afterwards, when they are working on something else!

    To make it short: Scrum can improve the user experience because it allows cross-functional team members to merge their skills at the right time.

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