Agile Scrum Tools Review – Which one is the best for you?

Agile Scrum Tools Review! I am sharing with you a comparison about some Agile Scrum Tools I already used in my projects management. I hope it help you to choose the one that fits your needs.

Please, feel free to comment with your impressions about the tools:

  • ScrumMe
  • EasyBacklog
  • Visual Studio Online
Scrum Me EasyBacklog Visual Studio Online
Topics  FINAL  GRADE Quase02StarRating Quase04StarRating Quase05StarRating
 REASONS Very simple and fast, but there is no special functions. Amazing user interface and API to integration. Very easy to manage, but there is no tasks linked to User Stories. Only online access. Very strong, simple to operate and to manage. Excelent integration with Excel and Visual Studio that makes you get a lot of productivity! Really amazing. VS already comes with source control. A very complete tool.
Backlog Administration concerning create, edit and  ordering the Product Backlog Items Grade 01StarRating 03StarRating 05StarRating
Reasons Easy to create, but you can not edit the Item order in the Product Backlog. The Backlog is show just in Kanban View, you can not see it in a simple List. Easy to Create and to Reorder the Product Backlog Item concerning item priority. Nice drag and drop experience. Excelent experience for adding and edit items due the click-to-edit action on each information. The same screen that shows also edit all the informations. Simple and fantastic! Easy to Create and Order. Show Kanban and List View. You can Edit your backlog query so you can see it the way you need. Interoperability with Excel, what really makes you save time managing the backlog directly on Excel! It’s fantastic!
Generating User Stories: Adding and managing them during the Sprint Grade 01StarRating 04StarRating 05StarRating
Reasons Easy to create, but the user story form is very poor. You can not edit it order in Sprint. Just Kanban view. Very easy to create and edit also with the Click-to-Edit action. It has a User Story template what really helps on User Story creation. Easy way for creation and edit with click-to-edit action. It has a interesting list view. Very easy to Edit using Kanban or List view or even the Excel. The excel integration helps a lot in this case.
Managing Sprints, Tasks, Estimations and Forecasting Grade 01StarRating 04StarRating 05StarRating
Reasons You can choose your effort measuring unit (hour or points). Its simple to edit the Task status just drag-and-drop the task in kanban parts. Shows the user story estimation and the cust of it concerning your team man/hour value. You can configure your team velocity or get it after the first sprint. Its very good to everybody see the task effort and its custs for the company. Does not have forecasting among sprints. You can not create tasks linked to the User Stories. All the estimation is done directly on the User Story. You can create tasks and bugs linked to your User Story. Each task has its estimation and you can fill other fields like “Remaining Work” to update your progress during the sprint. Tasks has the List and Kanban view. A Special feature is the Forecasting, that virtually simulate each items would be moved for the next sprint if the development team keep that same velocity in the current sprint
Development Team Integration and others Members Grade 01StarRating 04StarRating 05StarRating
Reasons Every team member access online the same environment. There is no integration with development tools. All team members access the same place, but with different permissions. You can manage it in the administration console. There is a API integration so you can manage all your project integrationg with another softwares, but you will need to develop it. You can manage your project in Visual Studio or in the online portal. It means that developers can see the product backlog, sprints, tasks and bugs directly on the same software that they use. All the code can be also integrated in the same repository online.
Price Grade 05StarRating 05StarRating 04StarRating
Reasons Free! Free! Free up to Five team members

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