Nexus Guide – The Evolution of Scrum

Hello Team and Happy New Year! Today I have for you a very brief summary about the “Nexus Guide: The exoskeleton of Scaled Scrum development”, the latest release concerning Scrum provided by The purpose here is fastly update you with important information about Nexus’ core.

For this, the summary is organized in only four important and direct questions:

  1. What is Nexus? And what is its purpose?

The Nexus Guide is a framework for developing scaled products and softwares. It will give you the direction of how to work with 3 to 9 scrum teams in the same product development.

  1. What is the main diference comparing Scrum and Nexus?

Nexus is based on Scrum, to scale Scrum. Nexus is about how to make the work of each Scrum Team, acting on the same product, became a unique releasable increment for the product at the end of each Nexus Sprint. To achieve this goal, Nexus talks about how to identify and minimize the product backlog dependencies in each Scrum Team during the project, helping to address the product backlog items for each Scrum Team’s Sprint.

  1. How Nexus resolves the Product Backlog Items dependencies and the problems about work integration between each scrum team in the project?

Nexus has a new team on its formation, the “Nexus Integration Team”. This team is responsible for identify and mitigate the Product Backlog dependencies for each Scrum team and to help each team to keep its work been integrated with the other teams works.

This team is focused on integration issues, and exists to help/mentoring the Scrum teams during the Nexus.

  1. What are the people who compose de Nexus Integration Team?

The Nexus Integration Team is composed by a Scrum Master, a Product Owner and appropriated Scrum team’s members on that Nexus. Yes, the members of Nexus Integration Team also work in theirs Scrum teams. This important detail helps the integration team to discuss and keep the work integration and the dependency issues transparent in the Product Backlog during the Nexus Sprint.

In my next articles I will talk a little about the Nexus Flow and Events. I hope you liked this first shot of information about Nexus. Let’s GetScrum!

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Nexus Guide Process
Nexus Guide Process

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