How to Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation in #4 steps!

Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation in 4 steps

Hello Team! As I promissed, this week I will talk about my preparation to Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation (Exin). I hope it helps you to pass on the exam too.

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Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation – Step 01: Study Material

The properly preparation mentioned by EXIN is based on 2 books: Nader K. Rad & Frank TurleyEXIN Agile Scrum Foundation Workbook (87 pages) and Ken Schwaber & Jeff SutherlandThe Scrum Guide (16 pages).

As I already know the Scrum Guide I focused on EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation Workbook and really get surprised with it content. The books explains much more than Scrum, it mention about agility in general. Some topics that makes me feel very happy to find on it was:

Moscow Priorization
Bus Factor
Pair Programing
Planning Onion
Test Driven Development
Continuous Integration
Continuous Refactoring
Sustainable Pace
Osmotic Comunication
Information Radiators
Planning Poker, Triangulation
Triangulation Board
Burning Up Charts
Burning Down Bar chart
Cumulative Flow Diagram
Niko-niko calendar
Scaled Scrum
Product Ownership
Kanban e ScrumBan

I bought the Study Guide (EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation Workbook) (12 dolars) thought this link and I studied it for 2 weeks, 2 hours per day, during the week nights.

Studying for ASF Agile Scrum Foundation Certification really improved my skills on Agility. All of this knowledege is very important for move thought the day-by-day chalenges that exists in ours agile projects . Knowledge never is too much =)

Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation – Step 02: The Simulators for ASF Agile Scrum Foundation Certification

The EXIN’s site has some example questions for the ASF Agile Scrum Certification, but is has just a few ones that are always the same. Because of it, after doing then, I searched for good online simulators to pratice the new knowledge I had achieved.

Finally I found in the site a package with 4 simulators for ASF Agile Scrum Foundation, that are composed by 160 questions, and a lot of relevant tips for doing during the exam. These simulatos and relevant tips helped to understand the meaning of the new agile knowledge I was studying and how then could be asked in the  real certificarion exam. It helped me a lot!

I spent more 2 weeks, 2 hours per day during the week nights to complete the 4 simulators and to study all the tips for the test execution. The Preparation Material developed by Mplaza is very rich in details. It show a progress bar to make you fell motivated to complete the entire simulators and tips. It also compares your results with the average results achieved by the others students on the simulators. The material is really well produced and built. The simulator’s questions  mention scrum situations  that happens dayly and it really verify if you have the agile mindset on your way of solving things.

This Preparation Material developed by Mplaza custs 42 dolars e can be bought throught this link.

Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation – Step 03: Configuring the Environment for ASF Agile Scrum Foundation Certification 

Before doing the Certification  you must install the Exin Anywhere software in your machine. You must also register in Exin site and test your environment  and then install the software,.

Your environment must have a microphone and a webcam properly installed. During the test, all the noises are captured, your screen is catched to and you must keep the eyes focused in the screen. It is not allowed to live the room, access other materials or  your mobile phone or  other devices during the test. NNo one can be with you in the room or even enter in the room while you are doing the test. You must also make a move of the environment area before start the test to show it is properly prepared as mentined above. Exin is very strict. I read some situations that people left the room to answer the doorbell, for example, and theirs test was canceled because of it.

An important step also is to take a picture of you  ID (or other document)  in order to show you are really the person who is doing the test in that moment.

I did all of this configuration in 30 minutes, so it is important to have this time before starting the test. So, you must have an 1,5 hour avaiable and alone on an silent room with internet access in order to execute well the test. Follows bellow an video with more important informations about what I am saying:

Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation – Step 04: Doing the test, tips and relevant actions for it

So the test is not difficult. I think it has a intermediate level, but what called my attention was the quantity of questions related to scrum situations that happes dayly. It means that Exin really want to know if you have a agile mindset configured on your brain and if you will be able to use it on your projects.

The ASF Agile Scrum Foundation Certification has 40 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. The questions exists in test following the proportion bellow:

Exam requirement Exam specification Topics Weight
1. Agile Way of Thinking 1.1. Concepts of Agile and Scrum 1.1.1 Recognize how adaptation to an Agile environment works. 1.1.2 Recognize how Agility brings predictability and flexibility. 1.1.3 Describe the Agile Manifesto. 1.1.4 Recognize parts of the Agile framework such as Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Continuous Refactoring and Collective Code Ownership 10%
2. Scrum Practices 2.1 Scrum roles 2.1.1 Explain the Product Owner role. 2.1.2 Explain the Scrum Master role 2.1.3 Explain the Development Team role. 2.1.4 Recognize the role of a traditional Project Manager. 22,5%
2.2 Scrum events 2.2.1 Explain the characteristics of time-boxed events. 2.2.2 Explain the characteristics of Sprints. 2.2.3 Explain the characteristics of the Daily Scrum. 2.2.4 Explain the characteristics of the Sprint Review and the Sprint Retrospective. 12,5%
2.3 The importance of the Backlog 2.3.1 Explain the characteristics of a good Product and Sprint Backlog. 2.3.2 Recognize good User Stories and Backlog Items. 2.3.3 Explain how to refine the Product Backlog Items. 7,5%
2.4 Definition of Done 2.4.1 Explain the importance of a good Definition of Done. 2,5%
3. Scrum Planning and Estimation 3.1 Scrum Planning 3.1.1 Explain what happens during Sprint Planning meetings. 3.1.2 Understand the rituals and the importance of the Daily Scrum. 3.1.3 Understand how to determine the duration of a Sprint. 12,5%
3.2 Scrum Estimation 3.2.1 Explain estimation techniques: Planning Poker, Triangulation and Affinity Estimation 3.2.2 Understand how to compute estimates using Ideal Days or Story Points. 3.2.3 Understand how Backlog Items are ordered. 10%
4. Monitoring Scrum Projects 4.1 Scrum Monitoring 4.1.1 Understand Burn-Down charts. 4.1.2 Understand how to monitor Sprint progress. 4.1.3 Understand how to compute the velocity of the Team. 4.1.4 Understand Kanban boards. 4.1.5 Understand the concept and value of Information Radiators. 12,5%
5. Advanced Scrum Concepts 5.1 Scrum in different situations 5.1.1 Recognize how to apply Scrum in large, complex projects. 5.1.2 Recognize how to apply Scrum with distributed teams. 5.1.3 Understand different types of contracts in Scrum. 5.1.4 Understand how to create an Agile workspace. 10%

And finally the Result:

Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation Certification Test - Agile Scrum Foundation Coaching Paper Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena

ASF Agile Scrum Foundation Coaching Report

Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation Certification Test - Agile Scrum Foundation Certificate Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena

ASF Agile Scrum Foundation Certificate

I really hope this article helps you Pass ASF Agile Scrum Foundation Certification Test and also makes you get more knowledge concerning Scrum and Agile.

Success and Hugs,

Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena
MBA | MCP | PSM | PSPO | SPS | ASF | Business Analyst

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