Download Scrum Guide and Free PDF for Professional Scrum Master Exam

Download scrum guide free pdf! There is a lot of good material on internet and the Scrum Master Training Manual, delivered by really make me fell happy.

They simply explained scrum given a more practical approach and supporting the content using Kanban, Graphs and much more Process Images than the Official Scrum Guide does.

And the more fantastic is, its FREE! \o/

It is part of a more complete bundle called Professional Scrum Master Certification Preparation Program for passing PSM I Certification, that also contains: 

  1. The Agile and Scrum eLearning Course (Check the Review)
  2. The PSM I Preparation Practice Exams (Check the Review)
  3. The PSM I™ Preparation Training Manual Audiobook (Check the Review)

After this, i think its a good move read the Official Scrum Guide.

I suggest this way because you will understand more easy the process comming from the more practical material to the more theorical one.

The both material has just few pages and will make a great change in the way you manage your projects.

I hope you enjoy and Let’s GetScrum!
If you have any doubt, i am here to help you on comment session.

FREE Scrum Master Trainning Manual for Passing PSM Exam
Download FREE Scrum Master Trainning Manual for Passing PSM Exam


Official Scrum Guide
Download Official Scrum Guide



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