Passing Professional Scrum Master AUDIOBOOK: The Scrum Master Training Manual

Passing Professional Scrum Master AUDIOBOOK for you. As I promised I am still reviewing interesting material to help people passing the PSM I Exam.  At this time I analyzed the “PSM I Preparation Training Manual Audiobook

It is part of a complete bundle called Professional Scrum Master Certification Preparation Program provided by Management Plaza – The Management Certification Company.

My Review about the audiobook is:

  • The audiobook is a recorded version of “The Scrum Master Training Manual”, by Nader K. Rad and Frank Turley. In this material they explain the Scrum Process and they provide a more practical approach than the Official Scrum Guide does, and it helps people to understand and apply scrum on theirs organizations.
  • It has 90 minutes duration and is distributed in M4D and MP3 formats, so you can play it on any device. I love audio book. They are very practical as you can listen to them going to and from work, while working, running or even having. I listened to it for a week while I drove to my work and I found it very helpful. The record quality is very good and clear. The narrator speaks in a good velocity and intonation, making it easy to understand even for non-native English speakers like me.
  • The audiobook has also a special chapter called “Self-Assessment”. In this chapter they created an imaginary project in an imaginary company that wishes to use Scrum. Based on this imaginary project, they ask 30 situational questions that can happen on a real project. And the best part is that, they provide the commented correct answers for these questions, which are very helpful for your knowledge and the PSM Exam. Below are some examples of these situational questions:
  1. Do we need to discuss scrum with the customer and receive their approval before we start using Scrum?
  2. Who in the company should be the Product Owner (PO) and who should be the Scrum Master in this company? The answers analyze each team members concerning theirs experiences, Positions and Skills
  3. When should the Product Owner (PO) start the first sprint with the Development Team?
  4. Part of the Team wish to run2 weeks sprints, and other part wish to have 3 week sprints. What should be the right sprint duration in this project moment and why?
  5. Nobody in the team knows about software testing. How would you deal with this? What are our alternatives?
  6. If the client asks to speak to a person regarding the project direction, who should attend this meeting and why?
  7. After some Sprints, the Development Team decides to cancel the daily meeting. Is it possible? Who should analyze this situation withthem?
  8. The development team did not achieved the sprint goals for first 3 sprints. What would you advise to deal with this situation?
  9. Everybody in the company is disappointed about the low velocity on the first sprint.The CEO asks the Scrum Master who is responsible for it. What should he say?

My Conclusion is:

The Audiobook is very good, practical and helpful. It is very complimentary to the Official Scrum Guide. The question sessions are amazing, because they put the listener in a real environment with real situations and issues, and this detail is very important for PSM I Exam.

The price is fair (€19, $21) so I really recommend it to people who want to study and practice for Passing the PSM I Exam. The audiobook link is here and I hope you enjoy it.

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Hugs and Peace for all.
Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena
MBA | MCP | PSM | PSPO | Business Analyst

Passing the PSM I - AUDIOBOOK- Scrum Master Training Manual

Passing the PSM I – AUDIOBOOK- Scrum Master Training Manual – “I listened to it for a week while i drove to my work, using Bluetooth Audio”

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