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Professional Scrum Master or Agile Scrum Foundation (PSM or ASF) ? Which Scrum Certification is Better? How to Choose?

Professional Scrum Master x Agile Scrum Foundation! This article is for many people who asked me which Scrum certification I recommend: Professional Scrum Master (Scrum.org) or the new Agile Scrum Foundation (Exin)? My answer always starts with: What are your purposes with this certification? If you want to get a general knowledge about Scrum and Agile, you are starting with those things and want
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e-Learning Scrum Course

eLearning Scrum Course is a good alternative for everyone! I hope you enjoy it. Some people ask me about e-Learning Scrum Course and this week I reviewed the MPlaza eLearning Scrum Course. Here are my impressions: The topics are very interesting and it has many practical subjects really useful for the day-by-day situations, for example: agile
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