New Scrum Guide 2016

New Scrum Guide 2016. What is new?

Today (06/07/2016) has just launched the new Scrum Guide 2016 for Agile Community. We analyse it for you.

The change is not big (in fact just two paragraphs), but they are strong and powerfull with so many wizard on its says. As a result we are talking about the new section called Scrum Values.

Consequently analysing the both new paragraphs, you realize the second paragraph explain the first one and together they tell about important aspects a Scrum Team must have, as explained bellow (italic part was taken direclty from scrum guide):

  1. Commitment.
    People personally commit to achieving the goals of the Scrum Team.

    • In order to achieving the sprint goal;
  2. Courage.
    The Scrum Team members have courage to do the right thing and work on tough problems.

    • To take the long path if it is the right thing to be done;
  3. Focus.
    Everyone focuses on the work of the Sprint and the goals of the Scrum Team.

    • As a result to put energy in things that really worths;
  4. Openness.
    The Scrum Team and its stakeholders agree to be open about all the work and the challenges with performing the work.

    • To say what really is happening in the team in order to make everybody work together as a solid team;
  5. Respect.
    Scrum Team members respect each other to be capable, independent people.

    • To analyse and respect the position of each team member and its opinion about each subject;

In order to make this new knowledge more visible I did a evolution on the Scrum Foundation Schema, as mentioned on this new scrum guide version. The result is bellow:

New Scrum Guide 2016

Finally  this important part added to Scrum Guide shows that is always trying to improve how Scrum must be faced and how people must follow it. That principles about Scrum Values are very important to make the Team understand the real meaning of Scrum and it’s filosophy.

In conclusion and in my opinion Scrum and Agile Principles are not only for Product Teams, they should be used for all people in the company. The market is showing this situation for everyone, but most of all companies still did not realized it.

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Hugs ans Peace for all.
Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena
PSM | PSPO | SPS | MCP | MBA | Business Analyst

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