PSM I Questions Checklist

PSM Questions Checklist – Professional Scrum Master I Questions Checklist for you! You must read it before taking the exam.

After many questions about the Professional Scrum Master I Test preparation, I decided to create this checklist to help people to get prepared for the PSM Certification test. I have been trainning people in Scrum since 2012 and the subjects bellow are usually mentioned on Exam. So, enjoy it and get ready!

Introduction – Read the article

How to pass Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification test in #6 steps
It contains the moves you need to do for studying and praticing properly for the exam.

Step 01: Master these Subjects for the certification

PSM Questions Checklist – Scrum Iteration:

What is a Iteration?
How it start and how it finishes on Scrum?
You must know the order for each event on the iteration, its purpose and how each event complements the scrum process toward the sprint goals.

Its is good to know too the impact if some team does not execute one of the Scrum Events.
What kind of problems the team will face due to that decision?
The lack of any event generate a pool of different problems in the project. You must know it.

Scrum Events

What are the Scrum Events?
You must know all the timeboxes, inputs and outputs from each event.
Who is mandatory to be on the event and who is opcional?
You must know too the objective of each member on the events.

PSM Questions Checklist – Scrum Reports

What are the reports on Scrum?
How does the Burning Down Charts are calculated?
Why reporting is so important to be done?

PSM Questions Checklist – Managing the Product Backlog

What is the Product Backlog?
Who should knows more about the business Goals?
Who should ordenate and get the business values of each Product Backlog Item?
Is there some techniques to ordenate the Product Backlog?
What can be added on the product backlog?
Who must administrate the Product Backlog?
An item can be added or removed during an Sprint that already started?

PSM Questions Checklist – Using Scrum Artefacts

What are then?
What is the purpose of each one?
Who generate each on then?
Who should be the most interested about the Artecfact´s transparency?

PSM Questions Checklist – The Scrum Players

Who are the Scrum Players?
How they interact with each one during the sprint?
What are theirs objectives and chalenges during the Sprint?
In the real life in which positions they are on Companies?
Is there a hierarchy among the scrum players?
How is the right size (number of members) of a development team?
And why the minimium and maximum quantity of people on the Development team?
What does it means?

PSM Questions Checklist – Why use Scrum?

Can we use scrum in any kind of project?
In which kind of projects the Scrum is more suitable, and why?
Why the scrum process helps the enterprise for achieving its goals?
Why the Customer should like more the Scrum process than the Waterfall process?
Scrum can be used in any industry?

PSM Questions Checklist – The Agile Manifesto

What is the Agile Manifesto?
When it was created and why?
What are the points mentioned on it and how each one can be used on the real life?

Step 02 – Pratice a lot using Exam Simulators

Exam simulators can help you to get ready for the certification routine and execution. The one bellow has 3 complete simulators and a lot of tips for taking the PSM certification. It really worths: Professional Scrum Master I (PSM) Simulated Exam Review

Guys if you need the answer for any of the questions mentioned on this article, please, just let me know it using the comments area so I will answer it there. The idea is make the answer valuable for the other readers too.

If you know the answers and would like to help the comunity, please fell free to answer it using the Comment area too. Lets share and make the world more agile friendly =)

I really hope you enjoy this article and I am waiting for the comments. Lets make it bigger!
Lets 😉

PSM Questions Checklist
PSM Questions Checklist

Hugs ans Peace for all.
Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena

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