Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Exam Simulator

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) Exam Simulator

Today I am very happy to share with you a certification preparation material focused specially on the PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner) Exam:

The PSPO I Simulated Exams provided by

This material is part of the Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification Preparation Program (PSPO I™), which is a complete bundle for achieving the PSPO Certification. It contains:

1.    The Agile and Scrum eLearning Course
2.    The PSPO I Preparation Practice Exams

Materials like this are amazing because the Product Owners are very important players on the scrum process, but most people do not realize it!  The Product Owners are crucial to show the right business direction for the Development Team – what is extremely serious!

In other words it means that if the Product Owner fails, our project will be a disaster even if the Development Team achieves all the sprint goals! Can you imagine this situation?! What you would say to your client?

So, being prepared to assume this position is very important and materials like this can help us a lot.

The PSPO I Preparation Practice Exams is composed by 4 modules:

Module #1: PSPO. Exam Tips and Tricks

  • This part talks about complementary books and about PSPO statistics concerning the success in the exam.

Module #2: PSPO. Types of Questions

  • Tips and Tricks for doing the test
  • How the test are composed (% of questions types)
  • Hot tips like: Word positioning that matter in questions
  • Where most people make mistakes and why
  • How to complete the test – the strategy!

Module #3: PSPO. The 5 Deadly Sins

  • Five main subjects people does not really understand about PSPO that really becomes a problem during the exam.

Module #4: PSPO Simulated Exams!

  • PSPO. Simulated Exam #1:  80 questions about the PSPO Exam, with the same process to answer as the official exam have. The questions have the same difficult level as the official exam (in fact sometimes they looks like a little bit more difficult than the real exam).
  • PSPO. Simulated Exam #2: More 80 different questions about PSPO!
  • PSPO. Simulated Exam #3: More 80 different questions about PSPO!

My conclusion:

Excellent preparation material with a fair price: € 37 for the The PSPO I Simulated Exams, € 149 for the The Agile and Scrum eLearning Course or € 165 for both on the Pack– which means more than 10% of discount!

I am certain the benefits in your projects and career will be very huge.
You will really enjoy it! 😉

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Hugs and Peace,
Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena
MBA | MCP | PSM | PSPO | Business Analyst

Professional Scrum Product Owner - Eduardo Rodrigue Sucena
PSPO – Professional Scrum Product Owner Certificate

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