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How to pass Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification test in #6 steps

Hello team.

As I promised, follows below some tips to succeed in PSM I test – the Professional Scrum Master certification provided by

It worked for me and now I am sharing with you! So, let’s start!

Step #1 – Read the Scrum guide in your native language. This step is important to guarantee you certainly understand all the knowledge existent in the Scrum guide.

Step #2 – Practice these learnings in your daily projects. In this step you will be consolidating what you got on the first step. If you could not apply the learnings, at least try to imagine how you would use them in your company, and what kind of challenges you would need to solve. For example, imagine how you would explain the Development Team about self-management, focus and commitment to the sprint goal, and how the Product Owner should manage and prioritize the product backlog. As the test is focused in daily experiences with Scrum, this exercise will help you.

Step #3 – Read the U.S. English Scrum guide version. This step is important to make you feel comfortable with the terminology used in the test. Currently the test is applied only in English language.

Step #4 – Start to do the open assessment provided by The PSM test questions are very similar to the open assessment questions. As the open assessment always show aleatory 30 questions, you will be well trained and will know more about the questions style. After achieving 95 points or more, you will be prepared to do the final test. Obs.: try to learn with your wrong answers. After the open assessment all the questions are discussed and revised.

Step #5 – Discuss the questions you answered wrongly in scrum community and forums, for example on the forum.  This will make you contact with other people that already took the test and had the same doubts you have.

Step #6 – During the test don’t try to do online research about the questions. You have 80 questions to solve in 60 minutes, this kind of action will only get you late and nervous, and as the questions refer to daily decision, you will not find answers on Google. Believe me!

After this steps you will be more than prepared to pass PSM I – Professional Scrum Master Certification Test.

Edited (May/2015): If even after these points you does not feel prepared to do the Professional Scrum Master PSM I test, please check these article too: e-Learning Scrum Course for PSM I Test” and Professional Scrum Master I (PSM) Simulated Exam/Test Review“. It certainly will help you to get more confident and wiser to succeed on the PSM exam/test. 

Please, let me know how these steps worked for you and if you added more steps during your preparation.

I hope I could help you to pass in this test. If you have any doubts, please email me on

Success, Peace and Hugs.

PSM - Professional Scrum Master I - Certificate - Eduardo Rodrigues Sucena


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